How do we work together?
How do we put each individual’s talent to good use?
How can we boost individual and group skills in order to optimize teamwork?


1. The story in kit form

– How to optimize the work of your team in order to achieve the goals set together? How to develop the group’s strength?
– This unit enables participants to develop individual and group possibilities and also to show the talents and wealth of each individual thanks to a play and learn activity which consists in directing 4 parts of a story in small groups and then put the pieces together. Let one’s imagination run free! To surprise oneself, to let oneself be surprised, to take play seriously!

2. All for One & One for All

– How to put into light and to show each individual’s possibilities within a same teamwork? To find one’s place, to take one’s place and to leave enough space.
– This unit enables participants to identify their place within a group and gives keys to understanding the role of the leader, the follower and the deviant thanks to games and motion exercises which bring into light each individual’s place within a teamwork. Theoretical aspects concerning the group roles and dynamics are raised.

3. Customized

Your company evolves in a specific field of activities and you are interested in one or several partial or complete customized units?
This is TEAM-TIME speciality : “unique creation” training for your company tailored to meet your specific needs linked to your field of activity.
It is also possible to adapt existing units to your request.
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