How to encourage clear and effective communication?
How to be heard and understood ?
How to improve the way you communicate?


1. To speak briefly in a simple way… not that easy?

– We are all challenged to express one’s ideas, one’s urges, one’s doubts, one’s questioning. Despite a daily habit, it is not always easy to get one’s point across. Why?
 – This unit enables participants to explore and to put into practice the various stages of communicating a message. Concrete tools are offered in order to be listened to, heard and understood.
– This unit can be specifically focused on presentation (of oneself, of a project, of a product)

2. The voice… which one is mine?

– When presenting sessions, collective works, public speaking can be perilous and stressful. The voice is strongly linked to emotion.
– This unit enables participants to tame their voice, to control breath, to manage emotions and nerves.

3. Silent language… gabby?

– Nonverbal communications makes up about of all communication. How can we become aware of our physical features and behaviors in order to make communication more efficient?
– This unit enables participants to identify their own body language and to avoid the silent chattering that conflicts communication. The awareness of it allows us to act on our gestures instead of being subjected to them.

4. Sale Storytelling

– A client likes to be heard, understood and recognized. He or she likes to feel unique and wishes to be offered a specific and individualized service. In order to meet at best each individual’s need, it is essential to take an interest in the person before selling a product. How can we tell stories, stimulate curiosity, arouse interest?
– This unit enables participants to become acquainted with the recipe for good storytelling using creativity and emotions when communicating a sale’s content (whatever the product may be). It also enables people to create long term links with clients while developing confidence and interest.

5. Customized

Your company evolves in a specific field of activities and you are interested in one or several partial or complete customized units?
This is TEAM-TIME speciality : “unique creation” training for your company tailored to meet your specific needs linked to your field of activity.
It is also possible to adapt existing units to your request.

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