Systemic and strategic coaching provides individual or team support, finding ways to solve problems and enable change.
The goal is to develop the client’s personal resources so that s/he can be autonomous and learn to find solutions for themselves.

– Individual coaching

Are you facing difficulties in your professional and/or private life?
Do you aspire to change whilst at the same time fearing it ?
Do you feel you have already tried everything but that the problem still persists ?

By choosing Systemic and Strategic coaching you give yourself the chance to look with fresh eyes at existing problems and find new ways to mobilise your resources.
This approach allows you to take concrete action and be responsible for change.
Together we define our evolving coaching objectives, putting concrete actions in place in order to work towards satisfying solutions.

– Team coaching

Are you facing communication issues within your team ? (as a manager or co-worker)
Do you wish to find a constructive work dynamic and save time ?
Would you like your team to function more efficiently ?
By choosing systemic and strategic team coaching you opt for a flexible process which adaptes to changes as they occur.
After evaluating the situation and the people involved, we weigh up what is the most appropriate way to approach the problem: individually, with several people or as a team.
Throughout the whole process we remain flexible in our approach, reacting and adapting according to your changing needs.

– Theatrical coaching

Do you regularly give presentations to colleagues or a wider audience ?
Does this exercise worry you and require a lot of preparation ?
Or, do you enjoy presenting and wish to improve your public speaking skills ?
Whether presenting an activity report, a project, a specific speech or simply introducing yourself, theatrical coaching allows you to acquire more ease, an original structure and public speaking tools.
To capture the audience’s attention and keep it throughout the presentation, theatrical coaching teaches you how to stage your speech and create a memorable impression.


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