BAUME & MERCIER (managers and staff members)
Verbal Communication
To acquire concrete tools in order to pass on effective messages

BANQUE COOP (managers and employees)
Voice training
Learn how to use your voice to communicate effectively and how to teach a class (voice, body, breathing)

CARPOSTAL VALAIS (bus drivers)
Communication, potential
To handle difficult situations and to enhance personal skills in actual situations

CFF (Manager and team)
Individual coaching and teambuilding
Generate a constructive and efficient work dynamic, using communication tools to build a cohesive team

COIFFURE SUISSE (50 employees all hierarchy aside)
The strength of body language
To become aware of its own body language

CREA (school of creative communication)
Improve personal and professional presentation skills
Develop assertiveness in interviews with help of practical tools and enhance the social skills of each individual

EHL Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (students and intern facilitators)
Create a group dynamic to facilitate the arrival of 300 new students, focusing on the roles within the team and the school’s values

éS-L Social School of Lausanne (students)
Presentation coaching
Discover alternative ways to deliver a presentation to an audience (non verbal and para verbal)

ETAT DE VAUD (OPTI : Teenagers between jobs)
Communication, “savoir-être” and personal skills
To restore self confidence, to promote personal skills, to offer concrete tools which can be practically applied during job interviews

Communicate company services with flair and distinction, in a creative and personalised way

IBIS SUISSE (managers and staff members, all hierarchy aside)
Team cohesion, internal communication,”savoir-être”
To revive group dynamics, to apply manager’s skills in practical situations, to become aware of our own behaviour

IFP GENEVA (pedagogical training, teachers)
Mobilize student’s skills
To use theatre tools to favour interaction and class dynamic

Non verbal communication
Identify the positive impact of body language on your audience

MIGROS VAUD (60 employees, all hierarchy aside)
Group dynamics
How to create group dynamics to facilitate new internal projects.

NESPRESSO SUISSE (270 shop employees, trilingual training)
How to personalise your service by bringing emotion and storytelling to your sales technique

PHILIPP & MORRIS (manager and employees)
Teambuiding and communication
How to develop group dynamics to improve internal communication

SALINE DE BEX (guides and welcome Staff)
Group dynamics
To encourage team spirit, solidarity and listening among employees to improve internal communication

SERVIER SUISSE SA (medical delegates)
Team cohesion
To develop interaction within the group, to position oneself

SWISSCOM (store employees)
Skill assessement
Evaluate different sales techniques through role play with professional actors
Change management (store employees and managers)
Training Seminar for new store teams in the french-speaking region of Switzerland. Teambuilding, sales techniques, communication skills

TL (sales team)
Communication and sales technique
Discover the impact of non verbal and para verbal communication on the client

UBS (Directors)
Excellent Service
Participatory workshop on how to deliver excellent service by actively exploring good service and its opposite

VIDYMED (medical staff)
Theatre and its communication’s tools
To discover other ways to communicate and work better together thanks theatre techniques



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