« Within the framework of our personal development module, we enjoy our collaboration with Martine Eichenberger who is much appreciated by our students for both her personal and professional skills. As a school for people who are creative in the field of communication, we had to organise lessons which allowed our students to develop creativity through their personality. Martine devotes herself to it with accuracy, relevance and with very professional listening skills »
Patrick Colelough, founder and associated director, CREA School for creative communication (Geneva)

« We have appreciated Martine Eichenberger’s performance, her energy, her availability, her ideas, the quality of the relationship she developed with the participants and with her Colleagues, as well as her will to encourage team work. »
Catherine den Os and Pierre-Alain Léchot, Adult trainers, Axecib formation

« We have greatly appreciated her professionalism, and her practical ideas have allowed us to concretise our project of connecting the delegates. They were fully satisfied with this training course which goes beyond the common frame of our internal trainings »
Florence Arnold, Training Manager,Servier (Suisse) SA

« She knew how to create a training course module that perfectly met our expectations in terms of communication. Her involvement, her sense of humour and her professionalism were greatly appreciated by our staff members »
Jean-Marc Tessier ,Head of Industrial Developmentl, Baume & Mercier

Participant Recommandations

« I leave this training course with many new communication tools to put into practice in my professional as well as private life »

«I believe that this training course is a fantastic gift that has been offered to us and I cheer everyone on experiencing it. I hope that there will be a next step because it really does have an impact on our day-to-day life, the heart of everyone’s problems in spite of our different characters »

« Thank you to Martine for helping us to push back our limits, to find out new strengths in ourselves, to surpass our fears and apprehension of others opinion. This has opened new ways for me »

« Great ability to listen, keen sense of observation, thoughtful with the participants, she makes everyone feel at ease »

« I have greatly appreciated the active approach! It is definitely in practising that you learn best! »

« With energy and humour she emphasises everybody’s strengths and gets the best of all of us»

« Very good process, between humour, action, creativity, self surpassing, realization… »

« Bravo for the talent you have in putting messages across! Go on like that! »

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