Why using theatre tools is a huge asset in training?
Why using acting tools in our daily life is interesting?
What are the essential skills used in acting that we often find in daily communication issues?

The big asset of the acting process is to propose a creating, inventing and exploring space in a safe way. To dare to try, to dare to surprise oneself, to safely dare to take a risk. Indeed, the proposed framework enables participants to work in a benevolent atmosphere, without judgement, which is essential to each individual’s development.

The role play and practical exercises enable participants to concretely experience communication situations that put into light each individual strengths and potential to develop. From this true-life experience, each participant is able to identify the progress made and the progress to be made.

To use the theatre as a method also helps participants to promote creativity within the group when encouraged to create and to work toward a common goal.

An employee who feels enhanced and recognized for his or her multiple skills will show more motivation and therefore will be more successful.

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