In order to make sure that the dynamic created during the training units will be transferred to the workplace, we propose several kinds of follow up.

1. Practical Group Follow Up

– Communication tools need to be trained and to be put into practice in order to manage them in any situation. In order to ensure the transfer of training tools to the workplace, we propose a knowledge follow up in the form of practical workshops (improvement).
-This practical workshop enables participants to more deeply absorb the tools they worked on during the communication, teambuilding or storytelling units.
– A formula with professional actors playing the part of clients is possible.

2. Individual Follow Up – On the field (participants)

– Participants do not have similar needs nor do they have similar integration skills.
– The individual follow up enables participants to optimize the acquired tools and to increase integration speed thanks to a customized support.
– The number of sessions is to be determined with the participants and the management team.

3. Train the trainer (Managers)

– It is not always easy to keep up with the dynamic created during the training units so that its positive action can continue on the workplace.
– This unit offers managers the necessary tools to handle training follow up within the company.
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